Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dressage Show & Test Clinic ~ Notes to Competitors & Schedule

Numbers will be on a table in the front stall closest to the woods.

Please pull your trailer all the way around and past the barns so it doesn't get too congested.

The warm up will be in the ring closest to the pond

The assisted warm up with Kyle will be the 20 minutes before your scheduled test time.  Feel free to warm up in the ring before that time

Lunging will be limited to the front field near the corner of the  road and the driveway and ONLY if it is dry enough

Please use caution driving in and out so as to not disturb tests in progress.

If your class is completed you will be able to pick up your ribbons, but please put a check mark on the score sheet so we know if you received your ribbon

Since many tests are scheduled throughout the day, please fill out an envelop with your address and your ribbons will be mailed to you.

Dress is casual, but you must wear appropriate boots and a helmet with chinstrap

There is NO food vendor, please plan accordingly 

Dressage Show & Test Clinic Schedule

No. Warm Up Time Test time Rider Horse Intro A
1 9:00 9:20 Jane Gillespie Mende BN A & B
2 No Clinic 9:42 Holly Sell Minerva Lights BNB
3 No Clinic 9:48 Sue Hines Pudge Prelim A
2 No Clinic 9:54 Holly Sell Minerva Lights Nov A
4 9:35 10:00 Tori Swejk  Tommy T 1
5 10:00 10:20 Jane Gillespie Frankie BN A & B
6 10:20 10:40 Jacinta Roberts Heidi T 1 & 2
7 No Clinic 11:00 Sue Hines Crash P A
8 10:45 11:10 Marjorie Muirden Top Shelf Nov A x 2
9 11:10 11:30 Sarah Roberts Darins Yelo Rose Intro C & T 1
10 11:30 11:50 Jacinta Roberts Splash & Flash T I & 2
Lunch Break
11 12:10 12:30 Marjorie Muirden Louie, Louie Nov A x 2
12 No Clinic 12:50 Kim Baierl Aragoen Intro A
12 No Clinic 12:55 Kim Baierl Aragoen Intro B
13 12:40 1:00 Jinny Pfeiffer Suddenly See-more Intro A & B
12 No Clinic 1:20 Kim Baierl Aragoen T 1
14 1:05 1:30 Kayla Harris Jazmine Intro C & T 1
15 1:30 1:50 Kim Wolff Marty GRAS BN A & B
16 1:50 2:15 Jen Ruberto For Pete's Sake BNA x 2
17 2:15 2:40 Wendy Campbell Kings Classic BNA x 2