Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Eric Dierks Clinic ~ Important Info ~ March 23 - 24

2012 Eric Dierks Clinic ...what a difference a year makes ;)
We're really looking forward to the clinic with Eric Dierks this weekend but 'mother nature' definitely isn't cooperating and we have decided to hold the first day of the clinic at 'His Way Farm' so that riders, spectators and the equine massage therapist Laura Gentile (let me know if you want to sign your horse up for a massage) can be more comfortable. Check out the earlier posts on the blog for pictures of the facility. I am still hopeful that we will be able to do cross country at SGF on Sun, but we'll play that one by ear. Since some of you have not been to VanScoy's 'His Way Farm' before I have made a Google map to help you find your way to the farm.  Click here to view the map before you plug the address into your GPS which I hear can't seem to find the farm anyway ;)  If not, you may find yourself on Teegarden Rd which has a fairly significant hill with S turns which aren't ideal for horse trailers.  If you're driving a car you'll be just fine.

Keep in mind that the drive is 1/4 mile long and is ONE WAY.  There is room to pass at the curve in the drive. But please use caution.  Also, although there is a fair amount of room in the parking lot, please park behind trailers that are already there beginning at the indoor and working your way out.  That way trailers can pull out and there will be plenty of room for the next group of trailers to come in. Horses will enter the arena from the far end of the parking lot.

We have a full day scheduled and the groups have been put together by level.  The time allowed for the lesson is based on the number of riders in the group; scroll down to the bottom on the page for the schedule.  In order to help keep things running smoothly and on time Eric is encouraging riders to come early and watch some of the lessons so you have a better idea of what to expect and hopefully he won't have to repeat his introduction for every lesson. He's also going to give a short presentation on Sat during lunch time and encourages everyone to bring a notebook and pen.  You may watch the lessons from the comfort of the lounge or get up close and personal and be in the ring with Eric and help set fences. Depending on the conditions, the outdoor ring may be available for warm up.

Upon arrival at HWF you should check in at the lounge (up the ramp between the barn and indoor) first to sign release forms, leave payment if applicable, (a gray folder will be on the counter for release forms and payments) see if we're running on time, if the outdoor ring is available for warm up, and to drop off anything that you may have brought for the 'pot luck' lunch. There is a refrigerator, oven and microwave in the lounge.  I will be providing soup and a salad as well as hot chocolate & cider packets.  Just as a reminder please be sure to remove your footwear in the lounge.  If you need to use a rest room and don't want to be bothered taking off your boots; go into the barn on the parking lot side & go through 2 sets of gray swinging doors & you will find a rest room on the back left corner of the tack room. 

For those of you who requiring stabling, there are 3 stalls available at 'His Way Farm' and they will be assigned on a 'first come' basis as well as distance traveled.  Please be reminded that, unless you ordered bedding, no bedding is provided.  For those who are stabling at SGF, you may pick any stalls but keep in mind that Kyle is using the north side of the pipe barn for training horses.

Be sure to scroll down for the schedule and a map of the farm to make it a little easier to find your way around once you arrive.

Despite the weather and the change in game plan I'm really looking forward to riding with Eric and I hope you are too.  Keep your fingers crossed that the wind continues to blow (for now) and that any more precipitation is kept to a minimum so that it dries out enough to do cross country on Sun!

If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me or call my cell: 330-277-6964. Thanks.


8:00   Brooke Burchianti
  Jackie Smith
  Kyle Smith
  Kevin Smith
9:30    Brandi Podboy    
  Colin Gaffney
  Gillian Giba
  Molly Smith
  Gabbie VanScoy
11:15   Danielle Powell

  Michele Jewett

  Kristin Clingerman


1:00   Julia Spatt

  Ann Kaufman

  Rebecca Smith

  Shirl Stafford

  Karen Chandell

2:45   Laura Kosiorek

 Jane Gillespie

 Kyle Smith
4:15   Catherine Grimes
 Wendy Campbell
 Jennifer Wilkes
 Margie Kinsinger